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Golf Swing Tips: Minimize Your Swing Thoughts For Better Play

Golf Swing Tips: Minimize Your Swing Thoughts For Better Play

One of the best golf swing tips is to minimize your swing thoughts to be more consistent and hit longer and straighter golf shots. The reason for these golf swing tips is that an abundance of swing thoughts during your golf swing can upset your tempo, rhythm and balance.

At one time in my career I felt any swing thoughts during the golf swing could hamper the free flow of the golf swing.

However, I have modified my recommendations in recent years from my own experience.

Now, I recommend one or two swing thoughts but never more than two.

One of my main golf swing instructions  is to keep the left heel securely planted during the back swing.

This particularly is important when using the Locked-In Golf™ Techiques because, with this golf method, you are so locked-in that you cannot afford to sway off your axis during your swing. If you do, the arc of your swing will bottom-out either too soon or late  and prevent you from hitting your golf ball straight.

Recently, as I was trying different experiments to increase my distance with each club I inadvertently was raising my left heel slightly during my back swing.

Although I may have been able to increase my distance, I noticed my ball was flying to the left or right of my target because, as stated above, the arc of my Locked-In swing was bottoming out too soon or too late, causing me to mishit my shots.

Once I started to concentrate on keeping my left heel planted firmly during my swing, I began hitting the ball as straight-as-an-arrow.

As a result, one of my swing thoughts nowadays is to ensure my left heel remains planted securely during my back swing.

When it is firmly planted during your back swing it naturally will remain planted during your down swing.

Another one of  my suggestions is to make the fullest shoulder turn possible during your back swing.

The best way to do this is to swing your club until your left shoulder firmly touches your chin or turns under your chin.

Again, during some of my recent experiments when I was concentrating on other mechanics, I noticed I was not making as full of a shoulder turn as I had in the past and, as a result, was actually losing distance.

Once I began concentrating on keeping my left heel anchored firmly and turning during my back swing until my left shoulder solsidly touched my chin, I was back in business and hitting my ball farther and straighter than ever before.

As a consequence, I now only have two swing thoughts during my golf swing: keep my left foot anchored to the ground and turn until my left shoulder firmly touches my chin.

At this point, I simply rotate my hips counterclockwise and the club face will return squarely to my ball on a path that matches my shoulders and target line and, fly on a straight path to my target.

Again, one of the best golf swing tips is to limit your swing thoughts to no more than two during your golf swing.

It will dramatically improve your golf game.

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