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Golf Swing Tips: Its The Bones, Not The Muscles, That Determine Ball Flight

Golf Swing Tips: Its The Bones, Not The Muscles, that Determine Ball Flight

Many of the golf swing tips about which you read and see on television relate to how the muscles play such a vital role in the swing. The better golf swing tips are to understand that although muscles do supply the force to move the bones,  they do not determine in which direction and pattern the  ball will fly.

Whether intending to produce a fade, a draw or to drive a golf ball straight, it is the alignment of the bones at impact that determines ball flight.

There are not too many instructors or, even medical professionals, who understand and appreciate how the bones determine ball flight: again whether the intent is to produce a curved ball flight or hit straight golf shots.

Here is a portion of an interesting article that addresses the role of muscles in a golf swing but fails to address the more important role of how the bones are involved:

“Understanding the body and its connection to the actual golf swing is vital if we want to produce optimal distance, accuracy and eliminate inconsistencies in our golf swings. The golf swing is a rotary movement around an axis (your spine) in which power is generated through the hips, pelvis, torso, shoulders, arms and hands into the golf club. If we are unable to use our body and muscles in the correct order, whether that is due to injury, stress or poor biomechanics (think posture) then we will not be able to swing the golf club optimally.” Read more…

One of the most significant the realities of golf is the  muscles cannot move the bones to places the bones are unwilling to go.

For example, if your wrists bones are cupped during your downswing, you are not going to change them to an arched position by manipulating your bones and, in turn, the club in some way because, at such point the bones will not move in that manner.

If the wrists bones have rotated the club face to an open alignment during the downswing, it is too late in the swing for the wrists muscles to rotate the wrists bones and, in turn, the club face to a closed alignment.

This all means the best golf swing tips are to align your bones correctly in your set up proceedings so your muscles can move your shoulder, wrist and elbows bones in the correct manner to deliver a square club face to your ball at impact on a path that matches your target line in order to hit your golf ball straight.

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